Textured Bangle - Narrower Band - Size Small

Textured Bangle - Narrower Band - Size Small


Hand carved from start to finish, inside and out.

Made from raw, unfinished birch.

Small size has an interior opening of 2 1/2”

Other bangles made with the aid of machines never quite spoke to me because they were a little too perfect. These have just the right amount of imperfection, which I think is how most people could be described. We’ve been taught to admire those who wear their hearts on their sleeve, but what about their wrist?

Because these are made by hand, they are one-size-fits-most. I made them in slightly different sizes but all are made to hang loosely. Please refer to the pictures to see how they wear on the wrist and feel free to send me an email through my contact page about any questions you have.

Shipping for continental US included with price. Please contact for international/Alaska/Hawaii shipping rates.

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