Bowl Carving Handbook - Digital Download

Bowl Carving Handbook - Digital Download


What a treat! A 26 page handbook with illustrations detailing the steps and tools to carve a green wood bowl straight from a log using hand tools. It also covers the basics of harvesting, storing, and breaking down a log for bowls.

What makes this handbook especially helpful is that it is organized sequentially, and after each section includes additional resources that help direct you to more in-depth information. 

Keen emphasis is placed upon explaining each tool and how it functions so that the carver can feel more confident picking their own tools, though a list of recommended tool makers is also included. Hold-downs and carving stumps are discussed, and a list of other bowl makers is included so you can check out the work of carvers all around the world.

When I began teaching, I created this handbook to hand out to students before they arrived for class. When I've taken woodworking classes in the past, I've done so with very little money, and I wanted to make sure I got the most out each class as possible. I want the same for my students, and I always want them to leave feeling like they can confidently continue to carve on their own.

Due to the amount of requests I've gotten from many people interested in carving bowls but unable to take a class, I decided to offer the handbook as a digital download. Upon purchase you will be sent a link. Once you click the link, you will have 24 hours to download the file before the link expires.

Please keep in mind that this was created for students who I knew I would be having some face to face time with, and some of the language is directed in that way. If you feel you need more visual direction, I also offer videos on my Patreon page.

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