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Danielle is a woodworker from Mount Desert Island, Maine.

As a child growing up in the western mountains of Rumford, Maine, she was aptly introduced to line and shape by way of snow sculpture. Her father, the creative force that ushered her into the imaginative ways of looking at materials, was also a skilled carpenter who helped bridge the divide between the media of snow and wood.

She graduated from College of the Atlantic in 2005 with a BA in Human Ecology and a concentration in music and Delta Blues History. While building her senior project, a handmade fiddle constructed using reclaimed wood and found materials, she carved her first spoon. 

While working her way up to becoming a full-time woodworker, Danielle spent over a decade as a baker, cook, sled dog trainer, and gardener.

In recent years she has been teaching herself how to make furniture, and in the summer of 2014 attended The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, ME on a scholarship. Her work has been shown in various galleries throughout the state and in 2012 she was featured in Downeast Magazine's Best of Maine. In 2014 she became part of Lie-Nielsen's Hand Tool Event Staff, learning just as much as she teaches. During the summers she also assisted with an array of Lie-Nielsen workshops taught by some of the craft's most revered woodworkers. 

She made her teaching debut at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in June of 2017, instructing students on carving bowls straight from a log using only hand tools. She now runs workshops far and wide, including some at her own studio in Bar Harbor. She has written for Mortise and Tenon Magazine and Popular Woodworking Magazine.

In 2018 she was awarded the Belvedere Handcraft Fellowship by the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.